Kolb Group Has Began To Recruit Students Of AAB College For Seasonal Work In Germany

8 July 2021
Photo by: Tripadvisor

Photo by: Tripadvisor

As a result of the cooperation agreement reached between AAB College and the German Hotel Catering and Tourism Company KOLB-Group, the first group of AAB College students have already arrived in Germany and started their seasonal work in the tourist resort of the island of Langeoog.

The engagement of students in such seasonal projects is highly appreciated by students because in addition to experience this is also seen as an extraordinary opportunity for their economic independence and achievement to cover student expenses.

On the other hand, students who have already started work and those who will be selected in the future, will be part of a larger project of this company, for German language courses and their training for the work they will perform. The students who have already settled in Langeoog are: Joni Pecmarkaj, Jona Pecmarkaj, Freskim Dedushaj and Binak Gjonbalaj.