Kosovo and Albania nurses require greater institutional support

16 May 2019

Marking 12th of May, the World Nursing Day, AAB College’s Faculty of Nursing organized a number of activities aimed at sensitizing citizens in regards to the nursing profession.

Along with activities such as voluntary blood donation, provision of free medical services in all cities of Kosovo, the round table “Nursing, the voice that leads” was also organized, which brought together scholars from Albania and Kosovo. At this roundtable, the concerns of nurses from both countries were discussed, since this occupation has started to be taken more seriously from state institutions.

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College, Prof. Dr. Idriz Sopjani at the opening of this roundtable thanked all the participants who shared their views in the debates organized by AAB College on the nursing profession.

Vice Rector of AAB College, Prof. Dr. Shemsedin Vehapi emphasized that nurses have never lacked support from AAB College, and that this fact is best proven by the unconditional commitment of the Nursing Faculty towards the students who, in the future, are expected to become certified professionals.

In this discussion table, the President of the Nursing Order in Albania, Blerina Duka, explained that the nurses in Albania should receive better treatment by the health ministry, considering that it is a highly sought-after profession by young people.

Meanwhile, the head of Kosovo Nursing Chamber, Naser Rrustemi, said that one of the problems with Kosovo nurses is the low salary coefficient. According to him, if this is not changed, Kosovo will be forced to hire personnel from other countries, as the students who are finishing their studies will also leave the country for better work opportunities.

Discussion table “Nursing, the voice that leads,” continued with the speech of Albanian professor Sajmira Aderaj. In addition to the background of this profession in Albania, Aderaj drew comparisons between nurses of Kosovo and Albania, and according to her, the current state of both countries is the same. She called for the voice of nurses to be heard more by state institutions. Contributions to this round table were also given by other representatives from Kosovo and Albania, who unanimously called for greater support for nurses.