Kosovo honors Nobel Peace Prize winner, Ernesto Kahan with award “Doctor Honoris Causa”

27 May 2019

In a magnificent ceremony, AAB College awarded Israeli-Argentine Nobel laureate, Mr. Ernesto Kahan with title of “Doctor Honoris Causa”, for his continued contribution to the promotion of world peace through art and literacy.

Albanian historian, Mr Uran Butka, has also been awarded the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” by the AAB College today for his contribution to history, literature, and Albanian culture.

The country’s state representatives, representatives of civil society, professors and students attended this ceremony. Prof. Dr. Lulzim Tafa, Rector of AAB College, said that he feels honored that he shares the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” for two prominent figures of global size.

In his opening speech, he added that the laureation of these two prominent figures, Mr. Kahan and Butka, made proud the first non-public institution in the country, AAB College. “Mr. Ernesto Kahan is one of the world’s prominent personalities who has put his life in the service of science, literature, art, and above all in the service of peace. After all, this is what the world needs, this is what mankind needs.

The world with Mr. Kahan feels stronger and safer.  Whereas, today’s other laureate Mr. Uran Butka, a personality of national renown, historian, writer, scholar, dissident, and intellectual of the difficult times of Albania, a man who has sacrificed much.

The works of Uran Butka are of special importance in Albanian history and literature, “Said Rector Tafa. Professor of AAB College, Venera Llunji said that as a result of his commitment, dedication and unremitting work to the worthy representation of humanity worldwide in the fields of medicine and literature, the College Senate has decided to bestow title of Doctor Honoris Causa for Special Merits in World Literature and Humanism upon Poet Ernesto Kahan. 

In his speech, honorary doctor of AAB College, Ernesto Kahan said that Kosovo is a country that the world should know about. “When I visit you, everyone tells me: we are a small country, but I know and feel that you are a great country, with great culture and great history.

All of you as a people are proud of your identity and language. I think the world needs to know more about you, “said Mr. Kahan. He pledged that it would be his responsibility, as Doctor of Honoris Causa of AAB College, to represent Kosovo around the world. 

Meanwhile, honorary doctor, Mr. Uran Butka, expressed his gratitude to AAB College for the award. He further added that AAB College is a cultivator of modern, academic, scientific, democratic and civilized values. 

Since the founding of AAB College, this institution has only honored three distinguished personalities with the award “Doctor Honoris Causa”, the President of Croatia, Stjepan Mesic, for his extraordinary contribution and support towards the freedom and independence of Kosovo, the President of the Republic of Honduras, a few days after it recognized the independence of Kosovo, and the dean of the diplomatic corps accredited in our country, the ambassador of Netherlands, Robert Bosh.