The largest university manifestation “Days of AAB, 2015”, commenced with the traditional exhibition of the students.

19 May 2015

The VIIIth edition of the largest university manifestation “Days of AAB, 2015” commenced with a solemn ceremony, in the facilities of AAB in Prishtina.

The Rector, Prof. Dr. Lulezim Tafa made the official opening of the “Days of AAB, 2015”, whereby held a speech for the history of AAB, and the opportunities that provide this institution of higher education. Within this program “Days of AAB, 2015” was opened the collective exhibition of the students of the visual arts department at AAB, where the professor Fitim Aliu is the curator. The exhibition was opened by Professor Shyqeri Nimani.

Students of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of this institution exhibited numerous works from all genres of visual arts, such as: architecture, illustration, graphics, advertising, multimedia, photography, painting, drawings, conceptual art etc. The opening of the manifestation “Days of AAB, 2015” was followed by an artistic program with selected music, interpreted by the students of the Faculty of Musicology and the chorus of AAB.