The latest scientific journal THESIS got issued, presenting papers from the conference “Global information facing national cultures”

12 December 2015

The latest issue of international-research journal THESIS got published, with its ISNN and International Board, of the AAB College edition. In this thematic issue, the papers from International Scientific Conference on communication and media studies have been included, “Global information facing national cultures”, organized by the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College in cooperation with the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of the University of Tirana, Ecole Superieure de Journalisme of Paris, the oldest school of journalism in the world and IPAG the Business School of Paris, that conducted its work during 29-30 of May 2015, in the AAB College in Prishtina.

The journal’s editor in chief Masar Stavileci, and associate editor Hasan Saliu, instead of editorial, in their own writings have claimed that the conference “Globalinformation facing national cultures”, aimed to bring together the scholars of mass communication and media from all the Albanian regions and beyond; in order to present the findings of their media research; to add experiences, ideas and discuss on other professional relevant issues, by viewing them from a historical perspective.

In the aforementioned conference 45 press releases have been presented, whereas 29 papers were included within the journal that consists of 800 pages in total, in both Albanian and English languages.

The new issue of the journal can be obtained at the library and bookstore of AAB, and you can also read it online on the official website of AAB College.