Launches and is developing the successful papers, Scientific Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Education, ICLLE 2019, at AAB College

11 September 2019

Over 60 scholars from around the country and region have gathered today at the International Scientific Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Education, organized by the Faculty of English and Social Sciences at AAB College, in partnership with the Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland, “Alexander Moisiu University”, Albania, and “St. Kliment Ohridski”from Northern Macedonia.

At the opening of this conference, the Dean of the Faculty of English, Dr. sc. Aida Alla welcomed the participants and said that this year’s conference organized by AAB College brings together scholars and practitioners in the field of linguistics, literature and education in order to present their scientific and academic findings related to relevant conference topics.

“AAB College has become a research center and an important scientific environment for local and international linguists and scholars who are building collaborative bridges in the region and beyond. So far, various linguistic topics with different thematic objectives and approaches have been discussed, ranging from the study of language in educational contexts to their social role” said Alla.

Whereas, Vice-Rector for Science at AAB College, Prof. ass. dr. Hasan Saliu emphasized that scientific research at AAB College is a necessity for the functioning of this college in order to increase the quality of higher education.

“This conference is one of the segments dedicated not only to networking and sharing of academic research experiences of the participants, but also to contribute to society itself. Research at AAB College is a necessity of everyday work here” Saliu added.

The opening of the conference was also addressed by the Dean of the Faculty of Education of “Alexander Moisiu” University in Albania, Prof. Griselda Abazaj Dangolli who said she feels honored to be present as a co-organizer at such an important academic event.

The representative of the partner university from Northern Macedonia, Prof. Silvana Neshkovska, in her opening remarks at the conference said that she hopes that this cooperation in this joint project will be expanded in other fields as well.

The ICLLE 2019 Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Education will serve as a bridge between researchers from around the country and the world to share their findings and their experiences of using the most up-to-date research methods in their respective fields. The conference is divided into four sessions and each of them will present dozens of papers by participants of this edition.





Të nderuar studentë dhe staf i Kolegjit AAB,

Ju njoftojmë se bazuar në vendimin e Qeverisë së Republikës së Kosovës 01/35 të datës 12 shtator 2021, për aplikimin e masave të reja kundër Covid-19, Kolegji AAB ka marrë këtë vendim:

  • Shtyhet afati i provimeve të shtatorit deri më 27 shtator 2021
  • Në rast të lehtësimit të masave dhe përmirësimit të situatës me pandeminë, provimet do të vazhdojnë të mbahen nga data 27 shtator 2021
  • Orarin e ri të provimeve sipas planifikimit të ri do ta gjeni të publikuar në webfaqe dhe në e-service
  • Në rast se situata do të vazhdojë të jetë e rënduar edhe pas datës 26 shtator, provimet do të mbahen online për çfarë do të njoftoheni me kohë

Ndërkohë, ju lutemi të gjeni të bashkëngjitur vendimin e Qeverisë së Kosovës, për aplikimin e masave të reja anti-Covid_19 dhe ju lusim të zbatoni masat në përpikëri.