Law students visited AAB Assembly of Kosovo

13 December 2016


Second year students of the Faculty of AAB College, conducted a visit to the Assembly of Kosovo, within the subject matter: public administration, in order to implement the knowledge gained from the above mentioned course .

Initially, the students visited the Hall of Assambly, with Xhevahire Izmaku the teacher, who is member of the Assembly, they got familiarized from close with the shape of the state government and the position and role of the Assembly. Izmaku said that Assembly is the highest representative and legislative body of Kosovo. “The students were very prepared and they gave high impressions,with the speeches, the questions and answers they used to have,”said the professor of the course Xhevahire Izmaku.

During this visit, the students of AAB College, visited the two biggest parliamentary groups, both political power parties.From the Parliamentary group of PDK,students were welcomed by the chairman of the group, MP Zenun Pajaziti, while from the LDK parliamentary group of students were welcomed by the Deputy Minister Sali Morina.

Leaders of the parliamentary groups responded to the many questions of AAB students, which were related mainly with the latest developments in all sectors in our country, among them the case with city of Mitrovica as well.

At the end of the visit the students said that the realization of this activity is a motivation to deal  more with the study of  Public Administration.