a) To have high quality services, skilled and polite workers ;
b) To have sufficient fund of books (whether physical or electronic) that would support the curriculum of AAB;
c) Development of quality collections, the number and diversities sufficient to support teachers as well as the needs of other users;
d) To help students, professors and other staff in the identification and interpretation of information;
e) To encourage students to research and studies of all levels on benefiting different knowledge;
f) To create a space within the library and encourage them in their research;
g) To train students and other users on using of resources in the Library;
h) To provide services in all facilities of AAB University ;
i) To establish connection with libraries and public, cultural, regional state institutions trying to corporate, in order that AAB users have access and more extensive information;
j) To create enough space for researchers in the library and to have extra space for group studies;