A literary activity called: “Literary whisperings” was held at he branch of Ferizajs

25 January 2017

Students of the Faculty of English Language of AAB Collegethe branch in Ferizaj, with the students of the third year under the supervision of teacher Vlera Ejupi, organized the event called”whisper literary” (Literary whisperings), where they discussed the Albanian and world literature in general .

“The debate was very exciting ,thus students analyzed and disscused about  their favorite books,” said prof. Vlera Ejupi, which in this case she gave 30 copies of her book  to the  library of Ferizaj branch.She emphsasised  that this activity will have its continuity in other branches.

While tutor student , Krenare Çerkini  said that students were satisfied with the realization of this activity.

Present at the debate were the dean of the Faculty of English Language, Venera Llunji and academic staff of the Faculty.