7 March 2019

The position and role of women in contemporary society was the topic discussed today at AAB College, in honor of March 8, International Women’s Day. In addition to students and academic staff, present with their discussions were representatives of politics, representatives of the Kosovo Police and other influential personalities in Kosovo.

Kosovo as a new state and a country in transition has significant problems in the equal treatment of women and men, was said during this roundtable organized by the Faculty of Law of AAB College.

The Member of the Assembly of Kosovo, Xhevahire Izmaku, among other things, said that she hopes that in the future women will be in greater numbers in managerial and decision-making positions.

“I must say that this is the reality. When we go out and look at the values and qualities that our women and girls present in the world we see that we have not given them the place they deserve. Being part of the government myself, we see that among many ministers there is only one woman minister. The strongest forum is men’s forum, they decide on decision-making positions, politics, decision-making in Kosovo belongs to men “, she said.

Whereas, the Deputy Chairwoman of the Commission for Human Rights in the Assembly of Kosovo, Lirije Kajtazi, said that women are not sufficiently represented in institutional and social life. However, she added that as long as she is part of the forums and a member of the Assembly of Kosovo, she will not stop calling for the greater involvement of women in important positions in Kosovo.

Further, the Deputy Ombudsman, Mehdi Geci reiterated that the laws that Kosovo possesses for the equal treatment of women and men are regulated by international conventions. However, the implementation of these laws remains a problematic issue.

“The laws are very good, but implementation is lacking. The state has a responsibility to provide equal conditions for all women and men. “But in Kosovo there is still work to be done in this direction”, said Geci.

The representative from the Kosovo Police, Tahire Haxholli, added that in order to guarantee the development of a state, space should be given to the integration of women in security institutions.

All those present exchanged ideas and experiences about the situation of Kosovar women in society, and their position towards difficult problems faced by the whole society.