The “Mashtrimi i madh” book got promoted in AAB College

9 December 2015

The “Mashtrimi i madh” by author Bardhyl Mahmuti got promoted at the AAB College in Prishtina. The book was published by “Çabej” publishing house. The book has 600 pages, arranged into two parts, with total ten chapters.”This book, which is incomparable in factual Kosovar and Albanian creation, ischaracterized by the density of argumentative and persuasive testimonies byeyewitnesses and actors and murderous acts committed in Kosovo”, said prof. dr. Rame Buja, who then added that the book had distinctive particularities that is amazing for the reader, especially with the form of collection facts for those whocaused the tragedy in these lands.

Prof. Fatmir Arifi, while talking about the book “Mashtrimi i madh”, said that the motivation to writethis book lies in two events that made it necessary to release the book in Albanian and in several foreign languages. In fact, the main reason lies in the fact to shed light to genocide that happened in Kosovocaused by Serbian state, and the second reason is that this genocide is today intended to be modified byvarious circles.

Thanking the participants, in particular professors and students of AAB, as well as the other guests, the author of the book, Bardhyl Mahmuti said that the first three chapters of the first part of my book address the issue of genocide in Kosovo, it is dedicated to three most publicized cases of killings of civilians, “the Klecka Case,” “The case at Panda cafe ” and “the Racak Case”. Shedding light to these three cases and killings during the “Patkoi” operation makes it possible to see all the consequences of the war in Kosovo as a result of the genocidal politics applied by the Serbian state against the Albanians. At the end, the author said that anyone who will read this book will understand who in fact is behind the killings of civilians in Kosovo, and is the content of the lists of crimes that are attributed to the KLA, etc.

At the end of the promotion of the book a very interesting debate was developed between the students and author of the book, whereby the content of the book and the events reflected in the book were discussed mainly.