Mayor of Kamenica, Qëndron Kastrati, delivers lecture at AAB College

16 November 2018

The series of debates on the topic of local governance in Kosovo municipalities, organized by AAB College, continue with the Mayor of Kamenica, Qëndron Kastrati.

In today’s lecture, Mayor Kastrati spoke of the powers and responsibilities of the Mayor and the Municipal Assembly, the budget, the administration, capital projects, and education and health, among other topics related to governance in Kamenica.

Mayor Kastrati said that the development of the municipalities’ education and its youth are two of his main goals as Mayor.  He also added that support for future generations will not be found lacking either.

 “We as a municipality need to do our best to support our youth during their development. Already, we have established the Local Youth Council for Activities which has been invited to many local and international events. This Youth Council is comprised of members with diverse backgrounds and races and is one of the best examples of our municipality’s dedication to the growth and development of our youth. Aside from the Local Youth Council for Activities, this year, our municipality has also heavily invested in the Culture Center, while also planning to expand our investments into the Youth Center next year.Our main task as a municipality is to support and guide our youth so that they can realize their dreams.”  Said Mayor Kastrati.

Kastrati also stressed that while he would not have gotten where he did without the support of his former political movement Vetëvendosje (Self-Determination), he is confident that the people of Kamenica voted for the candidate just as much as the political movement itself, which implies that even though he switched his political party to PSD (Social Democratic Party), the support of the people of Kamenica has not wavered.

 As in all the other meetings with municipal Mayors, today too had an interactive debate between the mayor and the students of College AAB, during which issues pertinent to this level of governance were discussed at length.