AAB in the media

In this column are available the most important news for the activities that are carried out in the faculties and other sectors of the AAB, and some of them are also presented in the local media and beyond. 

International Scientific Conference “Media History and Media Transformations”

Lulzim Tafa, winner of the first international prize for literature “Radovan Zogović”

Faculty of Economics of AAB College has signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Finance!

Lulzim Tafa poet in Montenegrin language

Kosovo became with the most modern theater in the region, with the inauguration of AAB Theatre “Faruk Begolli”

AAB College honored with International Award for Human Rights, former NATO spokesman, Mr. Jamie Shea

Prof. Tomasz Kamusella: Kosovo shall create an appropriate environment for diversity

Gender equality – fundamental value for democratic development of the society

Athanassiadou: Greece does not exclude the possibility of recognizing the Kosovo independence