Meet Donika Loci, AAB student and designer with a unique style

3 May 2019

Donika Loci is a second year student of Fashion Design at AAB College. Although she is only 19, she has achieved many successes in the profession she has chosen.

Donika shows that in order to create something beautiful and special during your studies, certain necessary conditions must be met. She thanks AAB College that not only met, but also surpassed the required conditions for her work to flourish.

“I always say that a fashion design student must have space and work with creative things. I think this is the key to success. I thank AAB College that enables us to work in extraordinary conditions” Donika said.

Among other things, she says that studies at AAB have helped her create her unique and original style. She thanks her mentors, Krenare Rugova and Flutura Dedinja, who according to her, are stylists who call for style, ideas and creativity. Donika created her first collection when she was only 16, during which time she also opened her own studio. Donika is very sought after by many artists of our country.