Mefail Bajqinovci: Many of my colleagues with whom I studied at AAB, are now public figures

9 February 2015

Mefail Bajqinovci finished his studies in the Faculty of Mass Communication at AAB. Currently he is working as a journalist in the television “Kohavision”. He is an author and a moderator of the debate program “PULS”. MefailBajqinovci, said for the magazine “AAB Alumni” that he is very satisfied with the acquired knowledge during the studies at AAB, and applies it  everyday in the workplace.

“It was a brilliant experience. The acquired experience helped me a lot later to excercise, promote and improve the profession. Many of the theoretical recommendations acquired during the studies at AAB, even today I try to integrate them in my work as the author and journalist of the debate program “PULS”, a program which by the popularity and credibility that is enjoying, day by day is becoming an informative place for the public concerns”.