Mia Krajcar won the main PITF 2017 prize, “Faruk Begoll’s Ring”

28 May 2017

In the final ceremony of tonight, which was broadcast live on Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK), the first International Theater Festival in Kosovo “Prishtina International Theater Festival 2017” (PITF 2017), successfully concluded its first edition.

“Prishtina International Theater Festival 2017” was an initiative of AAB College, which organized this festival with its own funds.

The play from the Prizren Theater “Enemy of the People”, this edition, won five awards, while the main prize of this festival was won by the actress from Croatia, Mia Krajcar, of the play “And they lived happily…?”.

This is the list of award winners given at “Prishtina International Theater Festival 2017”:

“Best Play Student Choice” Award – “The Enemy of the People” – Kosovo.

“Best Play Media Choice” Award – “The Enemy of the People” – Kosovo.

“Best Play” Award – “The Enemy of the People” – Kosovo.

“Best Director” Award – Fatos Berisha with the play “The Enemy of the People” – Kosovo.

“Best Supporting Actor” Award – Xhevdet Doda from the play “The Enemy of the People” – Kosovo.

PITF 2017 Main Award “Best Actor” (Faruk Begolli Ring) – Mia Krajcar from the play “And they lived happily…?” – Croatia.

In his speech, the director of “Prishtina International Theater Festival 2017”, Ilir Tafa, thanked all the members who helped bring this festival to life, most of whom were staff and students of AAB College.

The renowned actor Enver Petrovci who also took part in this festival as a member of the main jury said in his speech that “we really did not do politics, we did it sincerely.I congratulate you all on the awards you have won.”

Petrovci also spoke about the organizers of this festival, where he said that investing in theater is patriotism.

“As a conclusion, I wanted to say two sentences. Building a theater, such as the “Faruk Begolli” theater, is like building a mosque or a church, maybe even more difficult. For the mosque or church, people will donate money, whereas theaters are built by kings or states. This theater was built through personal means. I know very well what this means, and I would be happy for you to know, too. At the very least, experience what it means to invest money in an object that will never see any returns. I dare not forget the spiritual side of the people; it is not materialtic. This man, Ilir Tafa, is a selfless patriot of today. Congratulations on the festival. I hope that next year, the ministry will help these people who invest in the spiritual side of their people” said the actor Enver Petrovci.

“Prishtina International Theater Festival 2017” (PITF 2017) is the first International Theater Festival that has been organized so far in the Republic of Kosovo. This festival was brought by AAB College with its own funds. This edition, which was also the first edition, “Prishtina International Theater Festival 2017” gathered six theater performances from different countries.

These were the participating performances in this edition of “Prishtina International Theater Festival 2017” (PITF 2017):

“And they lived happily…?” – Croatia

“Svetica u Tami” – Croatia

“Maids” – Bulgaria

“I die as a country dies” – Albania

“Speak Medea” – Iran

“Dinner of Crumbs” – Macedonia

“Enemy of the People” – Kosovo

You can watch the final ceremony of “Prishtina International Theater Festival 2017” in the video below: