The Minister Arsim Bajrami: “With the standards of research, AAB College is determined to be the leader of non-public education, not only in Kosovo, but also in the region”

21 April 2017

At the AAB College began the proceedings of two scientific conferences, “The 7th World Conference on Innovation and Computer Science” and “7th World Conference on Research, Technology and Education”. These two scientific conferences were organized by the Faculty of Computer Sciences of the AAB College, in cooperation with the Near East University of Cyprus.

At the opening of these conferences, the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of AAB College, Blerta Prevalla – Etemi, said that these conferences aim to bring together all researchers from the field of computer science, innovation and applied technologies in education. “This research area will serve as a bridge for future projects of the Faculty of Computer Science and the enhancement of the quality of education and scientific research”.

Mean while, Vice-Rector of AAB College, Shemsedin Vehapi in his speech said that this event, which is being organized by the Faculty of Computer Sciences of AAB College and “Near East”  from Cyprus, is a good chance to offer opportunities for exploring areas of cooperation and creating partnerships at national and regional level.

“For a decade and a half since its founding, AAB College has become an important academic center in Kosovo and abroad. AAB College regularly organizes scientific conferences in order to discuss the issues that lie ahead of us, forwards to an integrated Europe, “said vice-Rector ShemsedinVehapi.

Vehapi added that the topics of these conferences are quite significant and  have  specialimpact. “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an important tool to make education more accessible to everyone, to fill the gaps in education, and to increase the quality and standards of education,” said vice- Rector Vehapi. Whereas, the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Arsim Bajrami, highly appreciated the organization of these conferences, and said that these conferences are an important events, not only for this college, but for all the efforts of our country to raise the level and standard of Scientific-research work.

“I congratulate the AAB College for this activity, which shows that this college is set to build standards of research and to be the leader of non-public education not only in Kosovo but also in the region. That is exactly what is needed for all educational institutions in the country. The more international conferences, the more debates, the more international participation, will affirm our capacity to engage in international labor and scientific research. I am extremely happy as a minister that you have selected two important topics for these conferences. These topics are global topics that are being discussed everywhere, the challenges of using new technologies in the education system, topics that are crucial to address the challenges of the technological and digital revolution, that it is happening globally, “said the minister Bajrami.

He said that they have also discussed about these challenges in the meeting of the world forum of ministers of education. “This is a topic that will teach us to use information technologies as a very important tool to change the mentality of the entire society as a whole, but also the mentality of access to education and access to scientific research. For us as a Ministry, this is of crucial importance because we are in a transition process from shifting, perhaps of a less classical system of education to what we have had in recent years into a modern system. In a normal transition, information technology is an important instrument for raising the quality in the education system, “said Minister Bajrami. Minister Bajrami said that he believes that researchers who will publish their works on journals with impact factor are not the only ones who will benefit from this conference, policy makers will benefit from this event as well.

Meanwhile, Dean of the Department of Computer Sciences at Near East University, Hüseyin Uzunboylu, co-organizer of this conference, said that it is a special honor for him that in corporation with AAB College have joined a scientific community from almost all Countries of the world. “I am honored to be part of this scientific group from all over the world. Our vision for these two conferences is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in computer science and education in information technology, “said the dean of Near East University from Cyprus, Hüseyin Uzunboylu. The works of the “7th World Conference on Innovation and Computer Science” and “7th World Conference on Research, Technology and Education” are being held at AAB College and will last today and tomorrow. At these two conferences, are participating around 100 scientific researchers from different countries of the world as: Australia, USA, Israel, Russia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Czech Republic, Thailand, Pakistan etc.