Minister Bajrami: “AAB is an institution that represents a decent competition in the field of public education!”

21 October 2015

A new university building was inaugurated today at the campus of AAB College in Prishtina – the seventh of this institution and one of the most modern university facilities not only in Kosovo but in the region as well, with an area of 15 thousand square meters, where the inaugural ribbon, in the presence of many participants, was cut by the rector of the College Prof. Dr. Lulzim Tafa, the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Arsim Bajrami and the AAB student, the world champion in judo Majlinda Kelmendi. Prof. Dr. Lulzim Tafa, speaking to the audience, said that the facility is intended for students, staff, and all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

“ This facility of over 15 thousand square meters that within our campus will be known as AAB-7, we are adding it to six other facilities, all built for the purpose of educational activities and for the needs of many students as part of this institution, ” said Tafa.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, prof. dr. Arsim Bajrami said that there was no more important event for higher education than to introduce it to the promotion of a magnificent facility which meets all European standards that would enable a quality education.

“All you, friends of AAB, should feel proud that today we are taking part in the promotion of this building, which would enable our students quality learning, an advanced learning, a learning of the XXI century. We are extremely pleased as a Government that in the Republic of Kosovo, we are promoting such standards of modern facilities,” said Minister Bajrami.

He said that AAB is a prestigious college that has built private higher education in Kosovo.

“An institution that provides a decent competition towards public education. The government of Kosovo will develop full equality policies in the public sector and the private sector appreciating the growth of this institution, as an important tool in improving the quality of our public universities. We are certain that the generations that were provided by AAB, have transformed the governing mentality in the Republic of Kosovo and we are confident that the quality standards that built this institution are models that must be claimed in the Republic of Kosovo, because we need strong universities, strong colleges, we need to build high standards of teaching and quality and this magnificent facility today being promoted, offers all modern conditions for students, for teachers, for an interactive teaching, for a modern teaching making us all proud of this opportunity,” Minister Bajrami said.

“Once again to all students, all professors and to you Rector, congratulations, wishing you a lot of success ahead!”