Motivational discussion “Facetime with a Manager” was held with Proex leader, Ylber Kuraja

13 November 2021

Owing to the cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce, a motivational discussion took place at the Media Center of AAB College, where the guest speaker was Mr. Ylber Kuraja, CEO of ProEx.

Mr. Kuraja, as one of the most successful managers in Kosovo, talked about the challenges and personal experiences in his business journey.

One thing that Mr. Kuraja talked about during his discussion was the “Law of Sacrifice”, which according to him, thanks to this law, he has become a successful trader, but also stressed that in order to achieve success, you must work smart and hard.

Mr. Kuraja also advised students who in the future aim to become managers, saying: aim to become part of the 10% not the 80%, think different.

This can be achieved through three key points: defining the long-term goal, using the calendar, and keeping track of it, and lastly checking whether we are achieving our goals based on the calendar. This way we will perform as well and efficiently as possible, as managers, said Kuraja.

Mr. Kuraja said to the students that a manager is not born but you become through dedication and willpower, and that there is no ideal manager. A successful manager is one who produces other managers. He also added that to get a job as a manager, work experience is not as important as doing the job much better than you were told to.

This meeting with Mr. Kuraja was concluded with a questions and answers session by the students, who asked the three characteristics of a successful manager in terms of character are. Mr. Kuraja gave a definite and clear answer: sincerity, discipline and curiosity.