NDI continues cooperation with AAB College’s students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences

5 March 2019

The students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of AAB College will also be part of the organizational team in this year’s implementation of the “Women’s Week 2019”, organized by the National Democratic Institute from USA.

AAB College’s many years of cooperation with this important American organization in Kosovo will continue this year as well thanks to the hard work of the students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences. This ongoing cooperation was confirmed at a meeting held between AAB’s Deanery, students, and the program manager of NDI in Kosovo, Mr. Pajtim Gashi, where he informed the participants about the activities of NDI with which AAB’s students will be engaging.

Both parties expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation so far, confirming the engagement and further participation of the students in this program.

NDI is an American organization that has been working in Kosovo since 1999 in the development of democracy, whose board is headed by Madeleine Albright.