Today launches the second edition of the PAAF2019 student festival at AAB College

21 May 2019

Designed to promote the works of art students, the only student festival in Kosovo, Prishtina Arts & Architecture Festival, launches its second edition today. This edition will last from May 22nd until May 24th, 2019, and will be held within the premises of AAB College. This edition brings novelty to its content where the work of students of all fields will be presented: painting, graphic design, fashion design, architecture, interiors, film productions and music.

On its first day, PAAF2019 will bring an artistic program by the students of the Faculty of Musicology, who will perform various individual and group musical works, both with and without instruments. Rounding out the day for the Faculty of Musicology will be the student choir and their presentation of a number of music tracks.

On another note, the first day of PAAF 2019 will also be the opening day of the Collective Exhibition of Students, where dozens of works made by the students will be presented.

On the second day of the festival, special attention has been paid to Fashion Design. Under the title of “Tulipan”, fashion design students will bring their creations in clothing design, which they worked on under the supervision and care of teachers Flutura Dedinja and Krenare Rugova.

The second day of the festival will also focus on the field of architecture, where the Scientific Conference on Arts and Architecture “Love and Hate” will be held. Many researchers from Kosovo, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Italy and Slovenia will take part in this event.

During the three days of the festival, great emphasis will be put on the Film Section, which is organized by the Faculty of Mass Communication. Films schools from USA, Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro and Kosovo will take place in this event.

This year’s edition also includes workshops which students will be able to attend, such as: The Glass Staining Workshop – an artistic masterpiece in glass, the architecture workshop “Urban Urb-Architectural Study of AAB Campus “,” Ennoblement / revitalization of public spaces in the city of Prishtina “,” Urban, Architectural and Visual-Esthetic Alternative study “,” Design of a House / Villa “.

In the film section, students will be able to attend the workshop “How to achieve co-productions in film”, which will be led by Croatian producer Tea Korolia.

Another special addition to PAAF 2019 will be the Art Colony, where students of visual arts from AAB College, University of Prishtina, as well as universities from North Macedonia and Albania, will work for two days in the premises AAB College, sharing their experiences and creating works that will last long at the AAB College Galleries.

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