15 October 2020
Viti i ri akademik 2020/21

Dear new students!

Welcome to AAB College, the best non-public higher education institution in the region!

Your decision to be part of AAB College will be a pivotal one in your life!

You will be convinced of this in the coming years during your academic journey. We will prove to each of you that our commitment to our students is second to none.

Although the process of enrollment in universities was delayed this year because of covid-19, we are pleased to announce that the new academic year 2020/21 for new students at AAB College will begin on 26 October 2020.

Each of you will receive an sms on your phone, informing you on the day, group and time of the solemn opening of the academic year.

Meanwhile, the deadline for enrollment of new students will continue to be open until November 15, 2020, so your friends will be able to become a part of AAB College, alongside thousands of new colleagues you will meet at AAB College.

We wish you health and success and welcome you to AAB College!