Next Global Entrepreneurship Week panel brings five successful women to AAB College

18 November 2022

The vice-rector for Cooperation and International Relations of AAB College, Venera Llunji, led today the panel consisting of five successful entrepreneurs who addressed the topic: “The role of foreign organizations in supporting women entrepreneurs in Kosovo”.

Prof. Llunji said that AAB College feels privileged to have a panel composed of women who have influenced the field of entrepreneurship and have come to convey the same to the students of AAB College.

Vesa Rezniqi – Pallaska from UNDP, Vlora Avdiu Burani – EBRD, Vlora Tuzi Nushi – UN Women, Brikena Berisha – professor/researcher, Nita Halimi – entrepreneur, spoke about the role of women in enterprises and their influence on empowering the role of women either in decision-making, policy-making or leadership.

The students were curious about the topic of discussion and the steps that have been taken to strengthen the role of women in this field.