Njomza Pllana: Studying in the field of media in Norway is every journalist’s dream

16 August 2019

Njomza Pllana, a Master’s degree student in Journalism at AAB College is finishing her final semester of studies at NLA University College, Norway.

She shared with us her first impressions of the ways of teaching there. She explains that she has not noticed much of a difference in the teaching methods in Norway from those here in AAB College. 

“First impressions are great; professors lecture just like at AAB College.

It is easier to understand the things we have already heard and practiced with the AAB teacher staff” she said.

Njomza thanks AAB College for providing the opportunity to pursue studies in a country that has long been recognized as the country with the most press freedom.

“This opportunity is vital! Studying in Norway which is now ranked first in the world as the country with the most freedom of press is every journalist’s dream” she concluded.

Njomza, like many other AAB students, is a recipient of the scholarship awarded by the Erasmus + International Credit program to AAB College students.