NLB Bank certified the students of the Faculty of Economics who completed their internship

9 January 2020

Students of the Faculty of Economics, who continued their internships during 2019 at NLB Bank, were certified by this financial institution.

At the ceremony organized by the Faculty of Economics, the Vice-Rector of AAB College, Shemsedin Vehapi said that for students it is very important to link theory with practice and that academic programs have already made it their top priority to provide the students with this opportunity.

Whereas the Director of Human Resources Department at NLB Bank, Mr. Shkelzen Kelmendi, said that this event is special for two reasons: the first is the certification of students and the second that today becomes a decade of our cooperation. Kelmendi also addressed students, saying, “From what I have seen from you, I have no dilemma that you are well prepared for the labor market. Your knowledge is a good indicator that you will find the opportunities to prove yourself through practical work in the future.”

AAB College and NLB Bank have a very stable partnership, cooperating with each other in many areas since 2008.