Novel “Rrota e Ujit” by Resmije Kryeziu promoted in AAB College

19 March 2019

The novel “Rrota e Ujit” by Resmije Kryeziu was promoted today at AAB College in the presence of scholars, book lovers, and students.

Scholars of literature praised and spoke highly of “Rrota e Ujit” during today’s promotion at AAB College.

Hysen Matoshi, the director of the Albanological Institute, said that this novel is the product of an emotional rapport that the author has built with the people, the times and the city of her childhood, Gjakova.

“Rrota e Ujit ” contains a search for the author’s past; the memories of her childhood, her life and time in a city full of tears. This novel is evidence of philosophical contemplation in the world we are living and a testament of compassion and love for the generations to come who will want to know how life was experienced in another time” said Matoshi.

Gëzim Aliu, writer, in his speech said that Resmije Kryeziu knows the nature of literature and that she always knows how to approach the works she undertakes.

Prof. Naile Demiri regarded the novel with great praise, saying that this novel is a piece of the puzzle that was missing in Albanian literature; a great work not only in volume but also in content and in its ability to express the events that happened to Albanians and to half of humanity.

The author of the novel “Rrota e Ujit”, Resmije Kryeziu, thanked all the attendees and supporters who helped her in the realization of this book. She added that without her close friends, she would not be able to finalize this book. She also thanked AAB College in particular for supporting the promotion of “Rrota e Ujit”.