Nurses Shkurta and Mirlinda, AAB College graduates, immediately find employment in Germany

24 June 2021

Shkurta Haliti and Mirlinda Uka, two graduate students from the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College who in addition to their studies have also been part of the Career and Employment Program, today begin their work as Nurses in Germany.

They and their colleagues, who have been working in Germany for three months now, are the best example of a fruitful collaboration between AAB College, LINGUA, and the German partners.

Shkurta and Mirlinda are extremely satisfied with the hospitality of the staff in their workplace, and the help that has been offered to them, both in the work process and in the integration process in Germany.

What makes us even more proud is how well our students are being received by German employers, thanks to the professional preparation by AAB College, and the teaching of German and other languages by the Lingua staff.

The number of our students who are starting work in partnered German clinics is increasing by the day, and stands as testament that AAB College and the Career and Employment Program is the best option for success for nurses who aim to be a part of the German work-force!