Nursing Faculty of AAB College signed a cooperation agreement with the American Hospital in Kosovo

30 September 2016

The signed agreement is intended to create the best possible conditions for the students of the Faculty of Nursing  from  AAB College, to finish practical learning in this institution. The agreement was signed at the premises of the AAB College from vise-rector of Academic Affairs, prof.dr. Shemsedin Vehapi  and Executive Officer Chief of the American Hospital in Kosovo, Novrus Çaushaj, MD.

Prof. dr. Vehapi, thanked the American Hospital in Kosovo  for signing of this cooperation agreement, he saidthat it is a good opportunity for students of the Faculty of Nursingfrom College AAB, to transfer their theoretical knowledge in practice.

 As Executive Chief, Çaushaj Novrus MD, said that a good health system advanced version cannot be functional without cooperation of advanced educational system. “American Hospital will contribute with all the capacity it has, that future nurses of AAB College, to have a real scientific basis of their preparation, and tomorrow be offered labor market proudly,” he said.

The whole staff of AAB College will benefit from this agreement, which will enjoy the rights and privileges of the deduction for each service for all diagnostic and surgical treatments of other professional activities, provided by the American Hospital in Kosovo.