Nursing Faculty of AAB College signed a cooperation agreement with the Nursing Faculty of the “Dokuz Eylul” University in Turkey

5 October 2016

Dean of  Nursing  Faculty of AAB College, Idriz Sopjani and the teacher EnginMelekoglu, have visited the  Nursing Faculty of “Dokuz Eylul” University  in Turkey, who were welcomed by the dean of the faculty, prof. dr. Samiy Mete, where signed an interagency cooperation agreement.

The agreement foresees intercollegiate cooperation in all study levels and exchange of academic staff and students, joint research and development projects, seminars and other meetings on academic and scientific issues. This agreement also foresees the use of  respective libraries for the purpose of studies and scientific research and other academic meetings on important issues for both institutions and both countries.

During the meeting, the dean of Nursing  Faculty at the “Dokuz Eylul” university , prof. dr. Samiy Mete, said that among other things will provide maximum support to the staff of the Nursing Faculty of AAB College for registration in the doctoral program at the Faculty of Nursing at the University “Dokuz Eylul”.

Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey, ranks high in the rankings of world-class universities today, it offers numerous study programs, a large number of students and academic staff, and it is also well-known for international scientific cooperation.