Nursing students of AAB College will perform internships in Germany

21 July 2017

Although the most recent program offered in the wide range of study profiles, the Faculty of Nursing at the AAB College is quickly and safely moving towards success, taking the primacy of one of the most successful programs Nursing in Kosovo and the region.

In addition to the numerous scientific, academic and professional activities during the academic year that we left behind, the Faculty of Nursing has achieved many successes in the field of international cooperation thanks to numerous activities with important medical institutions in European countries such as Slovenia, Germany, Croatia, Scotland, etc.

Achieving a cooperation agreement with the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany will now be another opportunity for all students of this faculty aiming for the European labor market.

The signed agreement at the rector level of the two respective institutions will enable the Nursing students of AAB College to perform their professional practice within the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Berlin as a very serious partner.

The agreement will begin to be implemented from the academic year 2017/18, while the Nursing students of AAB College will also carry out the professional study exercises in modern laboratories equipped with the latest technological equipment and health facilities in the country, such as Centers of Family Medicine and UCCK Hospital Service.

In the academic programs of AAB College in the field of medical sciences, besides Nursing, from this academic year is added the program of Radiology and soon the program of Dentistry.

Candidates interested in enrollment at AAB College are offered individual counseling and presentation of the offer daily at our campuses in Pristina, Ferizaj and Gjakova as well as in the registration centers in all cities of Kosovo.