Nursing students of AAB College will henceforth be able to complete professional internships at the American Hospital in Prishtina

8 January 2020

AAB College’s students of the faculty of Nursing, in addition to the experiences they receive from local and international lecturers, will now be able to take advantage of the opportunity of AAB College’s collaboration with the American Hospital in Pristina.

This was made possible after the signing of the cooperation agreement by AAB College Pro-Rector Shemsedin Vehapi and the Director of the American Hospital, Igli Larashi.

The agreement foresees the undertaking of internships of Nursing students in various medical clinics of the American Hospital, while also providing opportunities for the professional development of the staff of the American Hospital and that of AAB College.

AAB College’s students of the faculty of Nursing have been highly praised for their dedication by many German companies, which are constantly recruiting students interested in working in the German healthcare market.