Orientation Day of the Professional English Program “English from me to you” was held

15 February 2020

Today was an orientation and presentation day for interns and children was held, as part of the professional internship program “English from me to you” between AAB College’s Faculty of English and SOS Villages Prishtina.

The program consists of a series of English language courses and offers students at AAB the opportunity to pursue their professional internship within a functional program specifically designed to teach English to children in SOS villages.

Today’s event was attended by 100 children of all ages, who were welcomed to AAB College to undergo a test to determine their current level of English. The children met their future teachers in a friendly atmosphere.

At the end of the activity, students of SOS Villages were invited to the play “Sun and moon” organized at AAB Theater “Faruk Begolli”.The “English from me to you” program will continue with group formation and course development at the SOS Village premises in Pristina and Fushe Kosova.