Overwhelming interest in master’s studies at AAB College

1 November 2021

Great interest is being shown by master’s candidates for enrollment in the academic year at AAB College.

A written entrance exam was held at AAB College today in order to select the worthiest candidates for the Mental Health program, which has been newly accredited this year.

From hundreds of interested applicants, the Teaching Council of the Faculty of Psychology has handpicked a select few who have successfully completed the written exam. The most successful candidates are expected to become first-generation students of this program.

The master’s Mental Health program aims to prepare students for their professional training as clinical psychologists through the engagement of applied methods in psychology. Our country is lacking in programs such as this one, and as such the interest of candidates was great.

In addition to the master’s program for Mental Health, AAB College in its academic offer of 2021/22, brings about 20 study programs of the master’s level, and this includes new programs accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, such as Accounting and Auditing, and Fitness and Nutrition.