Prof. Ass. Dr.

Petrit Bushi

Vice Rector for Planning and Development

Prof. Ass. Dr. Petrit Bushi is a prominent expert in the Western Balkans in the fields of justice, combating corruption, and public administration.  He has had a significant impact on the advancement of public administration systems and transitional justice through his extensive academic and professional career in the domains of justice, public administration, and institutional integrity.

In 1988, he graduated with a degree in economics from the State University of Tirana’s Faculty of Economics. He subsequently carried on with his legal studies, graduating in 2001 from the same university’s Faculty of Law with a degree in law. In 2016, the European University of Tirana awarded him a Doctorate in Legal Sciences with the dissertation topic “Financial investigations and confiscation of crime proceeds,” marking the pinnacle of his academic career.

He has held numerous significant positions in a variety of institutions, from early in his career, as an investigator in the Korça Prosecutor’s Office, to leadership and senior academic positions at higher education institutions. In addition to holding significant responsibilities as a liaison officer in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro, he has worked in the offices of the Korça Prosecutor, the General Prosecutor, the Tirana Prosecutor, the General Directorate of Taxes, and the General Directorate of the State Police. He cooperates closely with international law enforcement agencies and police services to investigate criminal offenses of crime in general and organized crime and corruption in particular.

Over the course of his career, he has made a significant contribution to trainings and seminars aimed at combating corruption and advancing justice on a regional and global scale. He has led training sessions on financial investigations, corruption, and public procurement for institutions including the Council of Europe and the OSCE. He continues to write academic articles for highly regarded journals of law and economics, and he lectures on a variety of legal topics. His academic contributions are equally noteworthy.

He has held senior management and leadership roles at higher education institutions, including Vice Rector for Planning and Development.

In addition, he served as Dean of the AAB College’s Faculty of Public Administration in Prishtina, where he had a significant impact on preparing students for careers in public administration and justice. Apart from his professional and academic responsibilities, he has been a proactive participant in scientific research and public discourse concerning justice and anti-corruption efforts. He has published papers in reputable judicial and economics papers and delivered his research at numerous scientific conferences.