PITF 2018 is coming with the message “…let the world speak of us”

7 December 2018

“If we cannot see the world, let the world speak of us”, is the motto of the second edition of “Prishtina International Theater Festival” which is going to last for 7 days in a row in AAB Theater “Faruk Begolli”.

Designed to unite theater and art fans in general, this year’s edition of PITF 2018 is going to bring seven plays from our country, region and the world, all of which contain current topics.

Festival’s artistic director, Burbuqe Berisha said that this edition contains different plays with theater troops from Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo and that their selection has been well-thought and well-planned, so that at the end of plays, the audience receives a message.

“This year we did not have support, naturally the budget creates comfortability, but mainly we tried to take those plays that we liked and we tried not to save in terms of the artistic part, but still, it’s the partnership that takes the main part because we have come to understanding with the theater troops. We tried to have a very solid program that will be very good and attractive for the audience, “said Berisha.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the festival, Zija Rexhepi said that the play that is going to happen tonight, aims to raise the voice against violence. He also noted that during festival days, the audience will get to be part of artistic programs after the plays, organized by PITF.

“The topic of tonight’s play coincides with campaigns aimed at raising the voice against the violence of women with many problems mentioned here. You are aware that all media are reporting on violence, and this play is not accidentally set as the first for the second edition of PITF 2018, “Rexhepi said.

“Women”, from Macedonia is playing tonight starting from 19:00.

“Prishtina International Theater Festival” is a good chance to see and enjoy beautiful things happening in Kosovo as well. So do not miss it! Come and be part of PITF 2018, in the premises of AAB College in Pristina.