Polish professor Zelazny: “Europe is represented more as world with cultural and spiritual values”

3 May 2016

Walter Janusz Zelazny, professor from Poland in front of the students of AAB College, held a lecture on the theme: “Where is on the political meaning West where the East, and where is north and where the South and if it becomes deceptive that there is no center in between? “.

This made a short historical definition of Europe as a geographical aspect including; North Scandinavian countries like Scotland, Iceland and the Netherlands, then in West France, Spain and Portugal, while in the South Mediterranean countries where laid down Syria, the former Land of Israel and in East Russia and other Slavic to the Urals without Turkey .

“But in every period, borders of Europe weremovable. Herodotus talked about not only geographical but also cultural and spiritual borders. Thus, in Europe has dominated Christianity and only much later, from Century VII to XI century the continent was constituted such as Europe, “said prof. Zelazny.

Prof. Zelazny has emphasized that the European Union is erected on certain principles such as: on the basis of the statement on human rights, on economic interests, a common market of goods and money, but for this union the first six founding  places were; France, Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries. All other countries entered accepting terms without obstruction.

“Today Europe is represented more as a world with cultural and spiritual values rather than economic and geographical ones” said prof. Zelazny.