Politician and businessman, Mr. Gazmend Abrashi holds special lecture for students of AAB

14 December 2021

In a lecture organized by the Faculty of Economics, Gazmend Abrashi spoke with AAB College
students about doing business by adapting to the latest innovations, especially technological
ones. He told the students about the importance of teamwork in achieving the desired results in
any company.
“For over 30 years of managerial experience, I have understood the importance of the team I am
a part of in order to achieve the planned results. Achieving success is harder, but it is even harder
to manage success and remain consistent. In addition, as the business develops and grows, so
should the management in the company be developed and advanced,” he said.
Businessman Abrashi further praised AAB College for the quality and infrastructural superiority
they provide to the field of education.
“I applaud AAB College for undertaking such initiatives. It is not by chance that AAB College
has made a qualitative and infrastructural difference in higher education in the country, ” said
Mr. Abrashi.
Whereas, the professor of AAB College Agron Mustafa, spoke more about the purpose and
importance of organizing such a lecture.
“The stories of successful people of our country deserve attention because they offer
encouragement and motivation for the younger generations – future managers and leaders,
whether in business or politics,” added prof. Mustafa.
AAB College is proving every day that it is more than a coincidence that it is ranked highest as
the most credible private institution of higher education in Kosovo and the region.