The premiere of the show for children’’Two dreaming mammals’’ was shown at the AAB theatre’’Faruk Begolli’’ in direction of Melihate Qena

15 April 2016

At the AAB Theatre “Faruk Begolli” was give the premiere of the show for children “Two dreaming mammals”, according to the text of Saip Grabovcit and directed by Melihate Qena.

Conveying educational messages for children “Two dreaming mammals’’ was the first premiere that was staged at AAB theatre ’’Faruk Begolli’’.

Meli Qena the director of the show said that she is very happy for having such a theater. Also Mrs. Qena said that she is extremely pleased with the participation of children, adding that all this is thanks to the actors, the children who attended the show with interest.

The main acrors were: Edon Bërveniku in the GIB role, the role of the Qendresa Kajtazi in the role of little thiny-tail mouse and Roza Berisha-Fejzullahu in the role of the teacher.