Prishtina International Theater Festival presents play from Italy

13 December 2018

The third day of the festival is marked with the theatrical play from Italy “Confession” directed and played by Alfredo Traversa.

During the media conference, director and sole actor of the show Alfredo Traversa said that this is the first time the show has been played in Europe, and that the idea of this play is to show the world that one should be accepted by society no matter their sexual orientation.

Alfredo Traversa, during his interview, wished the festival a long and fruitful life, adding that only through such festivals can we develop the theater, which is one of the main supporting pillars of art.

“It is an honor and a pleasure to have attended this festival for the past two days. Observing those who organized the event, you can see the drive in their eyes to push the festival towards greater heights. This desire to move forward shows us that theater can be a catalyst for us the audience to live through those who act on stage.”  

The second Edition of PITF2018, will continue until December 05, 2018 in the AAB College Theater “Faruk Begolli”.