Prof. Arsim Sinani, held a special lecture for master level students of the University of Liege in Belgium

28 October 2016

Prishtina October 27th 2016- AAB College Professor, Arsim Sinani, was invited by the University of Liege in Belgium in the role of the researcher. He, in front of the students of the Law Faculty, Political Science and Criminology of the master degree, held a lecture on the topic: “The perception of the Western Balkans through the European Union and Turkey”.

In his discussion in front of the students of this faculty, Professor Sinani, among others, said that he had experienced from closely the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the creation of new states that emerged from the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia as Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, B & H Herzegovina andthe independence of the Republic of Kosovo. Also, Professor Sinani said that:’’ I had had the chance in 1992, when the Republic of Albania got democratized, to study at the University of Tirana, and to create individual perceptions towards this country’’.

During this lecture, Professor Sinani spoke about the origins of nationalism in the Western Balkans, providing a complete picture of what happened in the past, and the future dilemmas of this part towards a European way “Citizens of the Balkans benefit only in a way’ ’and that is the Western Balkans to be in the European Union,and this for a lot of reasons but first of all is because they do feel European” said Professor. Sinani.

Prof. Sinani, during his stay at this institution, was welcomed by the director of the Center for International Relations and Balkan Studies (CEFIR), prof. Sebastian Santander, when they discussed the possibilities of inter-institutional cooperation, about students and professors exchange andfor other important projects for both institutions.