Prof. dr. LulzimTafa: When it is spoken about the success of AAB, it is spoken about the successes of the Higher Education sectorin the Republic of Kosovo

30 December 2015

The Rector of AAB College, prof. dr. LulzimTafa, 

On the occasion of the holiday season, he thanked in particular all the staff for their tireless work performed during the year that we are leaving behind, then for the multiple activities that were organized by AAB, starting from construction of the seventh facility here in Pristina, the largest facility in the country and the region. Therefore, “I can freelysay that so far,the biggest investment ever made in the Higher Education sector in the Republic of Kosovo and the region was undoubtedly made in the AAB College.Today the College has seven university facilities, which operate in Prishtina,Gjakova and Ferizaj, “said Rector Tafa, by concluding the calendar year and work activities.

Additionally, Rector Tafa said that during the year that we left behind, AAB organized four scientific conferences at the international level such as: “Architecture and Identity”, “Global Information and National Cultures”, “The functioning of the legal state in Southeast Europe”, and scientific conference on “International migration and its impact on contemporary society.” These scientific activities took place in cooperation with the world’s most prestigious university, where participants were mostly scholars and professionals in relevant fields. Among other things, the rector Tafa said that during the year that we left behind, AAB College was visited and also special lectures were delivered by most of the ambassadors accredited in Kosovo. In fact, foreign diplomats and experts discussed numerous different topics with the students of AAB, through which the many messages about Kosovo were sent to Government and also to the world. Among many diplomats and foreign experts was the Ambassador of Germany, Mr. Angelika Viets, then head of the Greek Liaison Office, Ambassador, Mr. Constantina Athanassiadou, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom (England), Mr. Ian Cliff, the American diplomat, Mr. Scott Lang, the Norwegian Ambassador, Mr. Jan Braathu, Ambassador of Montenegro, Mr. Radovan Miljanić, Ambassador of Hungary, Mr. László Márkusz, etc.

On this occasion, Rector Tafa did not forget to mention some training and lectures held by professors and international experts such as professor from the United States, Dr. Marry Ellen, known professor from California State University, Ann Snow, phd. Andrea Griletto, then the former director of the European Federation of Journalists (FEG) in Brussels, Mr. Marc Gruber, Minister from Albania, Mr.Veliaj,prof. Tomasz Kamusella, from Scotland, by Swiss architect Michael Mayer

Prizes were awarded to the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Kosovo, Mr. Robert Bosch, who was awarded with “Doctor Honoris Causa” and writer from Montenegro, Mr. Jevrem Bërkoviq with”Ali Podrmija” prize etc. Moreover, many students of AAB were admitted to the most prestigious universities in the region,Europe and the world to continue their master’s studies.

Rector Tafa added that since the new academic year 2015/2016, but for several consecutive years AAB is the beneficiary of the “Erasmus + International Credit Mobility” project which are a series of agreements for cooperation at international level. Additionally, this institution with its own publishing house has published a series of scientific publications, among them two issues of international scientific magazine “THESIS”. At the same time, it has also published books of academic field, which directly support curricula of AAB College, also published titles of books in the field of literature and journalism, etc. The library of AAB is equipped with numerous newest scientific titles. In addition to that,  in order to provide students and other participants a highly prestigious program, with special events, many special lectures, debates and meetings, scientific conferences, and cultural and artistic activities, sports and humanitarian, we have organized largest university event in Kosovo, “Days of AAB 2015”. Then, it can be said that like every other year, AAB is the institution to which young people from all over Kosovo and beyond have expressed interest in the study, ie. during new academic year we had interest culminating from new candidates. In short, when it comes to the success of AAB it is about the successes of the Higher Education sector in the Republic of Kosovo.