Prof. Dr. Rolando Marini from the University of Perugia in Italy delivers lecture for AAB students and for the academic staff

16 May 2019

Professor of University of Perugia in Italy, Prof. Dr. Roland Marini visited AAB College, whereupon he held a special lecture with students of the Faculty of Mass Communication and those of the Faculty of Psychology on the subject “Young people and the new media environments”. 

After the lecture, Marini also had a discussion with AAB researchers regarding the ways of publishing in prestigious international academic journals.

At the opening of the lecture, Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Resul Sinani, emphasized that AAB’s goal is to gather experts from world universities to discuss and present important issues about traditional and online media.

During the lecture, Prof. Marini highlighted some of the main points for new media, saying that constant digitalization has radically transformed the media landscape. He also added that traditional media have served as a primary forum for the public, but with the arrival of online media in terms of research and fair information, there have been many changes.

The Italian professor also said that the media environment is one of the biggest advantages to freedom of expression in general and that public education can be considered as one of the most important tasks for our society. 

The lecture was closed with the debate session, where the students expressed their views but also received answers to the questions addressed to Prof. Marini. 

During the debate with the academic staff, Marini presented some specifics in publishing which are taken into consideration by prestigious international journals and also he emphasized the bureaucratic procedures which are usually followed by these journals.