Prof. Dr. Tauno Kekale from Finland lectures for students of AAB College as “Guest speaker”

22 December 2022

From “Vaasa University of Applied Sciences”, at the same time the representative of the company “Merinova Ltd”, Prof. Dr. Tauno Kekale, held a lecture for the students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College, led by Prof. Vjollca Hasani. The lecture on “The new requirements for conformance: the ESCG directives – The governance and equality audits” was presented by Kekale as the next guest in the “Guest Speaker” month of AAB College.

Kekale, discussed the issue of European standards related to the environment, social responsibility and local governance. According to him, these standards are the only ways to manage companies and thus there will be an overview that shows whether the companies are worthy to be part of the market.

The students who were present asked questions about these standards and the company Kekale works for, wanting to know more about the possibility of cooperation for the following activities.