Prof. Erjona Rebi from Tirana holds lecture for students of the Faculty of Economics

28 March 2022

The Faculty of Economics received Prof. Erjona Rebi from Tirana for a special lecture for the students of this faculty. Prof. Erjona Rebi has many years of institutional and academic experience and is the co-author of the book Banking Management and Regulation.

In her lecture, Mrs. Rebi stressed the relevance that trust, uncertainty and psychological behavior have in the financial sector, making the analysis of this sector both challenging and attractive, despite the great development that financial instruments may undergo in the service of the needs of economic agents.

This lecture also addressed some other important aspects of financial crises, which should be prevented and carefully managed in accordance with macroeconomic conditions, behavior and public trust and concluded that there is no specific fix that can be applied to all the problems.

At the end of the lecture, Prof. Rebi said her thanked the staff and the students, and, together with the management of the faculty, promised other organizations and collaborations in the future.