Professor Masar Stavileci passed away

10 October 2016

Perennial professor of French Language and Literature and the first rector of AAB College, Masar Stavileci, passed away at the age of 81.

Born into a family with patriotic intellectual tradition in Gjakova, Professor Masar Stavileci, devoted his entire life to the science, and his tireless work gave valuable contribution to French literature and philology in general.

Professor Stavileci has been a professor, dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at AAB Collegeand its first rector.

He finished his Elementary and Secondary school in Pristina and his undergraduate studies at the University of Belgrade. He specialized at the University of Zagreb and the Sorbonne, in Paris. He completed his master studies in Zagreb earning the degree of Master of Philology. He engaged in doctoral scientific research mainly in Paris and in Tirana. He finished his PhD studies at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Pristina where he also taught as a Full Professoruntil 2003.

MasarStavileci has published a considerable number of critical and literary studies in newspapers and magazines in Kosovo, Albania, France, England, and in some of the former Yugoslav republics.He participated in congresses, symposia, sessions and research projects of national and international characters. He has been active in the field of literary translations from foreign languages into Albanian language. He translated the novel Neveriaof the great French philosopher and writerJ.P. Sartre.

Apart from these, he has published several books including: “Illuminismin the Albanian National Renaissance Literature”, Pristina, 1990; “French literary themes”, Pristina, 1996; “An apology to the Albanian issue”, Pristina, 1998; “Albanian illuminism”, ed. II; Tirana, 2000, “Elements of literary stylistics”, Pristina, 2005; “An apology to the Albanian issue”, bot. III, on the 100th Anniversary of Independence, Tirana, 2012.

At AAB College, professor Stavileci has been also the director of AAB Publishing House and editor of the International Scientific Journal “Thesis”.

AAB has had the honor to have her breast in higher positions professor Stavileci so other generations will remember his name with high piety.

Professor’s work will serve as a message and guidance for today’s generation of Albanians.

Pristina, October 10, 2016,

Prishtinë, 10 tetor 2016,