Professor Milaim Tahiri from USA, invited for the next “Guest Speaker” lecture at AAB College

19 December 2022

Professor of Mathematics at Manchester Community College and Central Connecticut State University, Milaim Tahiri, was the next guest in the “Guest Speaker” month, organized by AAB College. The topic that was addressed was “Why nature speaks with the language of mathematics and its role in the field of economy and business”.

Prof. Milaim Tahiri, started with his journey that he had made to penetrate in the USA labor market, while also mentioning the time when he offered lessons for the subject of mathematics, together with many other Albanian professors.

He gave a clear message to the new generations saying that “knowledge is wealth that no one can take from you, so you have to fight for it”. At the end, there was a video with motivational messages for the students of AAB College, while present during this lecture was the director of the campus of AAB College in Ferizaj, Prof.Ass.Dr. Lulzim Shabani.

The activity was held within the course “Mathematics for economy and business”, by the professor of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College, Roberta Bajrami.