Professor of AAB College publishes paper in the prestigious “Journal of Linguistics”

30 November 2023
The professor of the AAB College publishes the article in the prestigious journal "Journal of Linguistics"

Professor of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at AAB College Bujar Rushiti together with prof. Carmen Dobrovie – Sorin from Université Paris Cité, have published their paper “Distributive numerals in Albanian” in “Journal of Linguistics” of the publishing house Cambridge University Press.

The article proposes a new syntactic approach for distributive numerals in the Albanian language, an approach that can be adopted for other languages that have distributive numerals. According to the authors’ analysis, distributive counters are not semantically distributive, but stand in a relationship of agreement (Agree) with a distributive operator within their syntactic domain.

This relationship between the distributive counter and the distributive operator is analyzed in the paper through a syntactic mechanism (Upward Agree).

The full article can be read here.