The professor from Switzerland held a lecture for the students of Mass communication at AAB College

25 November 2016

Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College and Friendship Association Franco – Albanian headquartered in Switzerland, signed a cooperation agreement, which is beneficial for the development of projects for the establishment of academic values, as well as for the organization of symposia, lectures, common debates and other forms of enhancing cooperation with international experts and personalities from the diplomatic career in international and European institutions.

The agreement was signed at the premises of AAB College between theu.d.deanBurbuqeBerisha and President of the Association of French-Albanian Friendship, TahirShabani in the presence of the students of this Faculty.

After signing this agreement, the professor from Switzerland Daniel Bernard, held a lecture to the students of this faculty on the theme: “A comprehensive approach to local and national media.”

Mr. Bernard spoke about theLéman Bleu TV, one of the 12thlocal Medias, with head office in Geneva, Switzerland, when he has also been its director for management practices, the competitiveness of the national media, advertising, visibility, education, creativity and all the advantages and difficulties that have followed this medium so far.

He said that this medium has started working in 1996, first as a pilot project with only three students for becoming later a local medium. Today this medium celebrates the 30th anniversary, although in some poor conditions.

“Journalists in Switzerland tend to be employed more in the national Medias, because there they get much paid and they get professionally prepared. But new generations should be involved in local Mediasfirst in order to be part of the national Mediasbecause national Medias will not employee journalist if they do not possessprofessional practice, “said Professor Bernard.

He gave some advice to the students by saying that if they want to become good photographers or journalistthey shouldfirst finish school of journalism and to be among the best.