Professors of AAB College participate in the training of the HomoDigitalis project from Erasmus+

7 May 2024
AAB College professors participate in the training of the Homodigitalis project by Erasmus+

A training was held on “Staff development on innovative education methodologies. Combining methods from the humanities and ICT”, as part of the HomoDigitalis project funded by the European Union.

Professors of AAB College Elisa Nikolla, Samir Jakupi and Violeta Buza participated in the training held in Tirana.

The aim of the training was the use of language resources in different applications, the differences between digitalization and digital transformation, the digital age, changes in the work of companies and research institutes – innovative changes, personalized access to data.

Participating in this training for AAB College professors can serve as an experience that can be transferred to the institution, while helping them in their professional development.