Programmer and IT Manager in Canada, Uran Shushka, delivers lecture for AAB College students

22 November 2018

Students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences at AAB College had the opportunity to attend a lecture bydeveloper and information technology manager in Canada, UranShushka. 

During this lecture, Shushka spoke of the positive aspects, its impact, and the features of being a programmer in this day and age.  

Uran Shushka motivated the students present at his lecture by explaining that they had chosen a dynamic and profitable profession.

“Creating a software program is a creative process which gives you a sense of fulfillment after its accomplishment.

During your journey as a programmer, your way of thinking will undergo a positive transformation and you will become a more rational, pragmatic, and patient person.” said Uran Shushka.  

Shushka also spoke about his personal experiences as a programmer from 1985 up until his current situation as a developer who lives and works in Canada.

Currently he is engaged in the development of a platform for the exchange of digital assets (crypto currency). 

During this lecture, students asked many questionsfor which UranShushka had no shortage of answers.